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I agree and believe that web apps will displace mobile apps someday. But the PWA concept isn’t enough for that. It should be improved, especially in such parts as a server-side code of the application and run-time environment. Usually, run-time in mobile apps is the functionality provided by an operating system such as file system, memory management, I/O support, installation/update precedures, etc.

Run-time in web apps could cover such things as, for instance, standardized ways to interact between server and client parts, browser independent I/O, standard frameworks, how we deploy apps on a web server and update them there, etc.

I see two key reasons why web apps are still not forced mobile apps out: 1) the incompleteness of the PWA concept, 2) completely different ways we develop mobile and web apps. The second point means, for instance, usage of multiple languages, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, instead of one, that makes porting from mobile to web quite awkward.

System architect and master developer of the Aplextor

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